The basic organizational structure of the Academy includes the following organizational units:

  • Secretariat
  • Departments
  • Centres
  • Laboratories
  • Experimental fields
  • Organizational units outside of the Academy head office

Head Office of the Academy

The head office of the Toplica Academy of Applied Studies is located at Ćirila i Metodija 1, 18400 Prokuplje.


The Secretariat of the Academy is a non-teaching professional organizational unit in which professional, operational, administrative and technical tasks are performed in order to achieve the objectives of the competence and authority of the President of the Academy, as well as management, instruction and coordination tasks between organizational parts – Academy Departments, legal, HR, financial affairs, public procurement planning and implementation, analytical affairs, planning, administrative and other professional affairs that are of common interest for the performance of the Academy’s activities.

The work of the Secretariat is managed by the Secretary of the Academy.


The Academy consists of two Departments with the corresponding study programmes:

  • Department of Agriculture and Food Technology Studies Prokuplje
  • Department of Business Studies Blace

Departments are higher education teaching units of the Academy without the status of legal entities, in which the educational activity of the Academy is carried out (theory and practice classes, professional practice and practical work of students, international studies and distance learning).

Each Department consists of two organizational units: Teaching Unit and Non-teaching Unit. The work of the Department is managed by the Head of the Department. The Academy may establish one or more higher education units outside of the head office, without the status of a legal entity, as a form of internal organizational unit of the Department, in accordance with the law and the Articles of Association of the Academy.


In order to carry out the applied and professional tasks requiring a greater degree of independence within its competence, the Academy organizes Centres in the areas of development and quality, aimed at developing the Academy’s profitable activities and providing services to businesses and third parties.


The Toplica Academy of Applied Studies owns laboratories.

Experimental Fields

The Academy also has its own experimental fields in which students, teachers, and other designated staff work during practice classes.

Organizational units outside of the Academy head office

The Academy also includes two organizational units outside of the Academy’s head office, in Jagodina and Dimitrovgrad.