Toplica Academy of Applied Studies (TAAS) was founded by the Decision of the Serbian Government number: 02-3689/2022 of 11 May 2022.

The new higher education institution consists of the following two departments with decades of experience in education:

  • Department of Agriculture and Food Technology Studies Prokuplje
  • Department of Business Studies Blace

In performing its activities, the Academy combines educational, applied and research tasks as part of a unique process of higher education. The Academy is focused on the realization of higher education through applied studies, within the framework of accredited study programs. Within its operation, the Academy can implement lifelong educational programmes, outside of study programmes, as well as other activities commercializing the results of professional, scientific, research and artistic work, provided that these activities do not threaten the quality of teaching.

Objectives and tasks

  • Development and establishment of study programs, assuming responsibility for the quality of education.
  • Freedom to choose the method of interpreting teaching content, whereby the teaching staff assumes responsibility for understanding material, acquisition of knowledge and student competences.
  • More time in interactive activities with the students – “student-centered teaching and learning”.
  • Students are obliged to fulfil learning and pre-examination obligations.
  • Constant promotion of effectiveness and efficiency of studies.
  • Polite and respectful conduct in relations with students.
  • Support to student participation in improving the teaching process.
  • Cooperation with employers, businesses and public sector in order to strengthen the relevance of study programs at the national level.
  • Striving for applicable knowledge and skills.
  • Internationalization of the Academy, mobility of students, teachers and non-teaching staff and participation in international projects.
  • Teaching is the activity of highest priority.

The Day of Toplica Academy of Applied Studies is celebrated on 11 May.

The Academy organizes and conducts applied studies, in accordance with the law, training students to apply the knowledge and skills required for the direct involvement in the work process.