The bodies of the Academy are the following:

  • Management body
  • Executive body
  • Professional bodies
  • Students Parliament
  • Employer’s Council

Academy Management Body – Council of the Academy

The Council of the Academy consists of:

  1. Academy representatives
  2. Founder representatives
  3. Representatives of the Academy students

Executive body

Academy Executive Body – President of the Academy

The President of the Academy is elected among the teachers of the Academy in full-time employment, who were elected for an indefinite period of time and who have strong organizational skills and managerial experience.

Professional bodies

The professional bodies of the Academy are:

  • Teaching and Expert Council of the Academy
  • Teaching and Expert Councils of the Departments
  • Sub-departments
  • Board
  • Ethics Committee

Students Parliament

The Students Parliament is the Academy’s body through which the students exercise their rights and protect their interests at the Academy, in accordance with the law. The work of the Student Parliament is public. Elections for president and members of the Student Parliament of the Academy are held every second April. The students of the Academy, enrolled in the school year in which the Student Parliament is elected, have the right to vote and be elected for the president and members of the Student Parliament of the Academy. At least 30% of representatives of the less represented gender are represented in the composition of the Student Parliament.

Employer Council

The Employer Council is an advisory body of the Academy tasked with achieving cooperation between the Academy and businesses, aimed at developing the Academy’s study programmes in accordance with the needs of the labour market, as well as finding opportunities and ways for practical training of Academy students during their studies.